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Welcome to the Positive Thinking Network - your definitive source for positive thinking on the World Wide Web. With hundreds of positive websites and millions of pages and podcasts downloaded each month, the Positive Thinking Network is sending a positive message around the world.

The Positive Thinking Network works around the clock to change the world one person at a time, one web page at a time and one podcast at a time. Thousands of web pages, positive graphics, and podcasts are ready to fill your mind with positive things.

The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind, and Dr. Dave and the Positive Thinking Network have the resources to turn your life in a positive direction. It's time for you to develop a persistently positive focus so you can have a consistently positive mind. It's time to change your world.

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Dr. Dave - Positive Thinking Doctor

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Positive Thinking Network - Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

I love this picture of a rainforest tree in Escudo de Veraguas off the coast of Panama.

Although the tree was blown over in a storm and is mostly uprooted, enough roots remain for the tree to survive and thrive.

At least 75% of the roots are gone, but the remaining 25 % provide enough water and nutrients for the tree to send branches into the sky from the fallen trunk.

That single tree creates its own small rainforest because of its roots.

Sometimes I place a cutting of a plant into the ground to see if it will survive. The cutting has no roots when I stick it in the ground, but miraculously, the plant survives. The plant doesn't do much for a year or two as it puts down roots, but once it's fully rooted, it suddenly takes off growing tall.

While it's putting down roots, it does not appear to be doing much, but appearances are deceiving. Roots are going down into the soil and spreading in every direction. As long as I keep watering the plant, eventually it will come into its own and thrive.

Sometimes I feel impatient and think about digging up the plant and purchasing a new one that is rooted in a pot. Usually I decide to leave the plant in place and water it for another month, another year to see if it will live.

More often than not, the plant survives, and a year or two later I have a beautiful plant in my yard.

I live in a culture where people are addicted to immediate gratification. They want what they want, and they want it now.

It's a culture with shallow roots that lacks resilience and staying power.

I like the story of the Chinese bamboo tree because in many ways it parallels my life.

When you plant the Chinese bamboo seed, you have to water and fertilize it for 4 years before the plant breaks the surface and peeks up through the soil. For over 1200 days, it looks like nothing is happening.

Appearances are deceiving, because during those 4 years, the Chinese bamboo has been putting down roots.

In the fifth year, the Chinese bamboo sprouts through the soil and grows an inch and a half each hour. You can actually see it grow right before your eyes. Every day it grows three feet taller until it reaches eighty feet high.

Putting down roots takes time, and you gotta keep watering your plants while they root, and eventually you see amazing growth.

The same is true in life.

I have been watering the Positive Thinking Network for 21 years putting down roots.

The roots of the Positive Thinking Network are now deeply embedded in social media and search engines around the world.

Every day I water the Positive Thinking Network, and I watch it grow.

I never forget that roots come first.

Purpose,Passion, Enthusiasm and Love

I have always admired Steven Irwin from the Australian Zoo and his outrageous ability to get the most out of life.

Steve took risks and lived on the edge. His purpose, passion, and enthusiasm were unstoppable.

When I feel like chickening out and surrendering my dreams, I remind myself that if Steve was still here, he would be living his dreams, and there's no reason I shouldn't be living mine.

When I am on the cusp of a new adventure, I ask myself what would Steve do if he was still here on planet Earth? The answer is always the same. He would charge ahead with purpose, passion, and enthusiasm.

I also admire Jesus and his unstoppable love.

When I ask the question, "What would Jesus do?", the answer is always the same. He would do the loving thing.

WWJD means What Would Jesus Do?

WWSD means What Would Steve Do?

WWJD and WWSD are the bookends of my life.

They remind me that purpose, passion, enthusiasm and love are the formula for an awesome life.

The Positive Thinking Network is all about purpose, passion, enthusiasm and love. 


Dr. Dave

How do you get into the Positive Thinking Network?

Simply select one of six portals and dive in. Nothing could be easier, and best of all, it's free.

The Positive Channel has the ambition to explore the world of positive thinking, and to take it as far as it's possible to go.

Dr. Dave is the Positive Thinking Doctor and the Encourager In Chief of the Positive Thinking Network. He is positive mentor who will point you in the right direction and give you resources to make the trip.

Positive Buzz aims to change the way you think about who you are and what you can do with your life.

Positive Memes has a plethora of inspirational and motivational memes. If you like positive memes, you will love this portal.

Positive Self Talk introduces you to the power of positive self talk. It tells you what to say when your mind talks to you, and what to say when you talk to your mind.

Positive Graphics speak the language of the mind and are your passport to the world of positive thinking. A good positive graphic is the easiest way to push your mind in a positive direction, and for all practical purposes, it is an instant form of positive thinking. Whenever you feel down and need a positive boost, a powerful positive graphic can instantly change the way you think about who you are and what you can do with your life.

These six portals start you on a positive jouney that could actually change your life.

The Positive Thinking Network has six positive universities - each with unique focus.

Sailing Uni tells you what you need to know if you aspire to be a Real Ocean Cruiser. Captain Dave and his family sailed around the world on their catamaran, Exit Only, and Sailing Uni fills you in on what you need to do to sail on the ocean of your dreams.

Overland Uni is an offroad bonanza. If driving overland around the world is your cup of tea, this is where you need to go to become a Real Land Cruiser.

Positive Christian Uni explores spirituality based on love. It believes that God is love and works by love, and by nothing else than love. The power and presence of God in the world is love. Every time you see love, you are seeing the hand of God at work. When your mind is full of thoughts consistent with love, your thoughts are healthy, and you mind is the way God intends for it to be. When your heart is full of emotions consistent with love, your emotions are healthy, and your heart is the way God means for it to be.

Depression Uni focuses on winning the battle against depression. It's a great resource that helps people reestablish command and control over the storm of thoughts blowing through their minds.

Self Help Uni is for people who believe that change is possible, and who are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Self Talk Uni tells you what to say when you talk to your mind, and what to say when your mind talks to you.

Positive Thinking Doctor

Positive Podcasts can make a massive difference in your life. Simply plug in your ear buds and start filling your mind with positive things. A smart phone becomes a positive mind pump when you download positive podcasts and listen to them while walking, jogging, or riding in a car. Positive podcasts are the easiest and most effortless way of putting powerful positive ideas into your mind

Nothing can stop the self talk that flows endlessly through your mind. Any attempt to squelch the inner voice is doomed to failure. It's a gift that never stops giving. This voice is a blast from the past, and it's in replay mode during all your waking hours.

Although you can't stop the inner voice, you can influence it, and often you can control what it has to say.

You must know what to say when you mind talks to you, and know what to say when you talk to your mind.

The Positive Thinking Network has both secular and spiritual self talk that you can use to change your inner dialogue so it lifts you up and makes your life better.

Send Your Mind A Positive Message With Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Most of the material in the Positive Thinking Network is extracted from Dr. Dave's books. If you like what you read on the Positive Thinking Network, you will love Dr. Dave's books. Some people download Dr. Dave's books to their smartphones and Kindle to have these powerful positive books with them at all times. Other people simply cruise the Positive Thinking Network and harvest positive ideas that make their life better. When you purchase a book, you support the Positive Thinking Network and make it possible for us to send a positive message around the world.

Good photographs speak the language of the mind. They tell stories packed full of emotion, and in a fraction of a second those stories pass directly into your memory banks. That's why photographs are so valuable. When you want to reprogram your mind, a positive photograph injects a positive message into your mind, and that message remains there forever.

Whether you realize it or not, you have a photographic memory. Everything you look at is indelibly imprinted in your memory banks. Positive photographs and positive memes go straight into your mind, and they can change your life forever. That's why we have so many graphics and images in the Positive Thinking Network.

Positive Gram, Positive Photographs, and Positive Pix are a great place to start filling your mind with positive images that change the way you look at yourself and at the world.

Social media has become unsocial. It has degenerated into a truth optional war zone in which people take sides. They draw lines in the sand, and if you are on the wrong side of their line, then a battle begins.

Social media does not have to be that way. That's why Positive Social Media exists. It's a politics and hate-free zone. If you are tired of unsocial media, and if you want to have a positive social media experience, you are at the right place. A positive social media experience is just a click away.

What exactly is positive thinking and how does it work?

At the most basic level, positive thinking doesn't have anything to do with the content of your thoughts. It has a great deal to do with the way the brain operates. Your brain is an affirming machine that affirms the negative just as easily as the positive; it affirms the bad just as easily as the good. Your brain is positive about many things that are factually untrue. And when you are positive about the wrong things, your positive thinking actually gets you into trouble.

Positive Christian Rock is proud to present "Made To Move" by Too Many Drummers. The new album is much more than great music. It's powerful rock with a positive message.

We hope this album moves your life in a positive direction. Although you may not know exactly where you are going, with God's help you know what your next step needs to be. Take that step.That's how journeys happen and adventure unfolds. If you can't trust God for a lifetime yet, try it for a single step. God won't let you down. You were made to move.

Rene Descartes penned the words, “I think, therefore I am.” This simple premise states the fact that my ability to think proves that I actually exist. Although I don’t have any doubts about my existence, the human mind could make a similar claim. “I affirm, therefore I am.” Part of what it means for the brain to exist is the power to affirm, and when you strip it of that power, you diminish it to a significant degree. It’s impossible to affirm anything positive when doubt, uncertainty, ambivalence, and fear cripple the mind.

Jesus said, "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to a mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." 

Two-thousand years ago, nobody was moving mountains, and impossible was a concept understood by all. Even in the twenty-first century, telling people they can move mountains and that nothing is impossible is still an extremely large stretch. Why would Jesus tell his disciples that nothing is impossible?

Jesus was saying that the envelope of possibility is infintely large, and the likelihood of encountering absolute limits is infinitesimally small. He wanted them to understand that there are no limits. There are only limiting beliefs.

Whether you realize it or not, you have had superpowers your entire life, but you may have forgotten they exist. I am not talking about flying faster than a speeding bullet, being more powerful than a locomotive, and leaping tall buildings in a single bound. I am talking about God given superpowers that make it possible to live your dreams.

Perhaps God made butterflies to teach us lessons about life and make us more tolerant and less judgmental.  We are all a work in progres, and although we're not butterflies yet, we can't become butterflies without first being caterpillars.  We've got to eat a lot of leaves and do a lot of growing before we blossom into our final state.  Just as you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a caterpillar by its color.  The caterpillar might not look like much now, but when God gets done with it, it will become a creature of splendor.

Judging people harshly in their caterpillar stage is a big mistake.  They are a work in progress, and what you see is not the finished product.  Right now, a person may not look like much, but when God finishes working his miracle,  a new person painted by God's palette of love will emerge in awesome beauty.

The Life Long Disoriented are a diverse group of individuals from every nation and race who share many characteristics in common. At the most basic level, they don't know who they are or where they are going. They live by default rather than by design, and they are unwilling to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. When things don't work out, they always have an excuse, and it's never their fault. They are unable to maintain a sustained focus for the long haul. They are talkers rather than doers. They never commit themselves to anything with all their heart, mind, and strength.

The Positive Thinking Network is changing and being updated all the time. You can see what is new on the Positive Thinking Network by visiting Positive Thinking News and Positive Christian News.

Our Positive Newsletters value your time, and that's why they are short and sweet. The longer they are, the harder it is to find the good stuff. We want you to find the good stuff immediately and share it with your friends. Each newsletter focuses on a single concept that you need to have in your mind. The newsletters also have links to positive resources that help you live as a positive person.

Don't believe everything you hear when your mind talks to you. Your mind is always in replay mode, and much of what it says is frankly wrong and does not reflect your potential for greatness and a positive life. If you don't like what you hear when your mind talks to you, you have the power to change the message.

The Wheel of Change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind, and Dr. Dave's eBooks will push your mind and your life in a new and positive direction. You don't need a brain transplant to get a new way of thinking and feeling. It's much cheaper and more effective to read Dr. Dave's eBooks and fill your mind with positive things.

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